Welcome to the exciting world of Lego Fortnite – a unique combination of two unrivaled worlds where the endless adrenaline of war and the unrivaled creativity of Lego meet. Enter the battle for survival, where each block plays its role. Plunge into the bright, plastic world of Fortnite, created from Lego bricks. You will have a unique opportunity to create your own defensive buildings using the legendary Lego blocks. Build your stronghold from bricks and defend against enemies while maintaining style and individuality.

Choose your character from a variety of Lego heroes, each with their own unique abilities. Discover new zones where exciting quests, exploration and exciting adventures await you. In Lego Fortnite you create your own rules! Battle other players in multiplayer mode using weapons made from Lego pieces. From battle bricks to building blocks, your imagination becomes the key to victory. Compete for supremacy as you climb to the top of the Fortnite Legendary Builder ladder. Lego Fortnite is not just a game, it is a combination of two worlds where construction and battles become unique. Rise to the top, create your own unique world and become a Lego Fortnite legend!

Lego Fortnite

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