Hold onto your virtual hammer, because Getting Over It Scratch Edition is about to take you on a wild ride of frustration and triumph! This game is like a masterclass in climbing crazy obstacles while stuck in a cauldron. Yeah, you heard right, a freaking cauldron!

One man in a cauldron

You play as a dude named Diogenes, who finds himself trapped in a cauldron with nothing but a hammer. Your goal? To navigate treacherous terrain, overcome mind-bending obstacles, and conquer the seemingly impossible.

The controls are simple but deceptive. You’ll use your trusty mouse or finger to control the swing of your hammer. It’s all about timing and finesse as you carefully position yourself and strategically launch yourself into the air. One false move, and you’ll find yourself tumbling all the way back to square one. It’s like a never-ending cycle of trial and error, but man, is it addictive!

Getting Over It Scratch Edition is the kind of game that challenges you to go beyond your limits, to push yourself to the brink and emerge victorious. So get ready to scratch, hammer, and climb your way to glory. You’ve got this!

Getting Over It Scratch Edition

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