is a fun virtual quiz game where the paintbrush becomes the sword and your artistic talents send you into battle to become the most creative artist. Join friends and players from all over the world in an exciting round of drawing and word guessing. Race against time to paint the given word on canvas using a variety of tools and colors. The faster and more accurately you draw, the more chances you have to earn points and win. But be careful – the more mysterious your image, the more interesting the tasks for other players.

Choose the topic of the round or trust the random choice. From animals to celebrities, you never know what the next word the game has in store for you. Intrigue and laughter guaranteed! Create your own rooms with unique rules and invite your friends to fun fights. is a great way to spend time in a group, even if you are millions of kilometers apart. Laughter, creativity and competition create a unique atmosphere where everyone can feel like an artist and a detective at the same time. Win first place, show off your drawing skills, and enjoy endless fun in – a game where every stroke is a step towards victory and fun!

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