Unleash your inner ninja in Stick Slasher, the ultimate game of slicing, dicing, and stick figure mayhem! You play as a badass ninja warrior, armed with a razor-sharp sword and lightning-fast reflexes. Your mission? To fight your way through wave after wave of relentless stick figure enemies. So off you go!

Become an awesome stick ninja!

Stick Slasher is all about speed, precision, and chaining together epic combos. The more stick figures you slash in a row, the higher your combo multiplier goes. It’s all about finding that perfect rhythm, slashing through enemies like a whirlwind, and watching the points rack up in a glorious display of ninja mastery.

The graphics in Stick Slasher are sleek, stylish, and oh-so-satisfying. The stick figures may be simple, but their demise is anything but. Watch as they explode into bursts of confetti, splatter against the walls, and crumble into a heap of defeated sticks. It’s like a fireworks show of stick figure obliteration! So grab your sword, hone your ninja skills, and get ready to be the ultimate stick slasher!

Stick Slasher

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