Prepare for crashing and smashing like never before! In Turbo Dismounting, you play as a fearless daredevil with a need for destruction. Launch yourself off ramps, fling yourself through the air, and cause as much chaos and carnage as humanly possible!

Wreak havoc and have fun!

It’s going to be a wild ride through the city that will leave it in ruins! From bustling downtown streets to high-flying ramps and even outer space, each level presents its own set of obstacles and opportunities for destruction. Just a few taps of your finger or clicks of your mouse, and you’re off to the races! You’ll choose your vehicle, pick a level, and then it’s all about timing and physics.

The graphics in Turbo Dismounting are colorful, cartoony, and full of personality. You’ll witness your character contort, crash, and flop around like a ragdoll, with every bone-crushing impact adding to the hilarity. It’s like watching a physics-based comedy show, and you’re the director. Brace yourself for the ultimate moment of impact as you crash, collide, and send your ragdoll character flying through the air like a deranged acrobat!

Turbo Dismounting

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