Welcome to the fun world of Toilet Time Race – a game that turns your visits to the bathroom into a real adventure! Compete with friends and players from all over the world in this crazy crossover game where plumbing becomes your best friend. Choose your character and prepare for extreme challenges, including toilet jumping, bubble jumping and water pistol shooting on the beach in the bathtub. This is something completely new and fun!

Collect coins and power-ups along the way to improve your toilet experience. The varied levels provide plenty of entertainment options, from mountain tracks to water races. You’ll never get bored in Toilet Time Race! Customize your toilet with a variety of accessories, from banana mats to rocket toilets. Show off your style and personality as you compete to become the king of the space toilet race.

Develop your skills and improve your records to become the incomparable champion of the world of Toilet Time Race. Laughter, competition and absurd adventures make this game ideal for those who appreciate fun in the most unusual places. Join exciting competitions, win exciting races and discover new horizons in a world of endless fun – Toilet Time Race is waiting for you!

Toilet Time Race

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