Welcome to the exciting world of Scary Teacher 3D, where you will find yourself in the role of a brave student, ready to deal with the scariest teacher in the history of school horror – Miss T. Develop a strategy to take revenge on this evil teacher for her cruel lessons and harassment. Explore her house, full of secrets and mysteries, solve puzzles and find ways to repay all the insults.

Use sneaky tricks and pranks to dazzle Miss T and put her on edge. Become a true master of trickery to outsmart her in every corner of her home. But be careful – your actions may anger her, and she will be ready to return the blow! Immerse yourself in an exciting plot with unexpected twists and mysterious discoveries. Unlock different levels and tasks, expand your skills and make plans for revenge. Scary Teacher 3D is not just a game, it is a creative journey into the world of intrigue and fear.

Play exciting mini-games, collect clues and uncover the secrets of Miss T’s dark past. Can you survive this school of horrors and bring the retribution you deserve? Go to Scary Teacher 3D and find out what it’s like to be a student in a world where the teacher is a real nightmare!

Scary Teacher 3D

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